Wills & Estate Planning

Doray Legal have assisted many clients over the years with the preparation of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney, estate planning and administrating or dealing with deceased estates. Using a family lawyer who understands your situation, ensures your wishes are acted upon both now and after you have passed away.

Preparing Your Will

We spend a lifetime accumulating assets and we’d like to think those assets will be correctly distributed after we’re gone. Sadly, this isn’t the case for some people.

If you do not leave proper instructions through a validly prepared and signed Will, then the Court or the law may decide how your assets are to be divided. A professionally-prepared Will can go a long way towards ensuring that your wishes are carried out.

Being family lawyers, we have experience in preparing Wills for clients whose marriage or de facto relationship has broken down. Failing to have a Will or update your Will after a marriage or relationship breakdown may entitle your estranged spouse or partner to all or some of your estate. Many of our clients are in blended families and so we often prepare Wills for couples with children to a previous relationship or marriage.

Whether you have a Will that needs updating or you are considering making a Will for the first time, talk to us. We’ll listen to your wishes, guide you on what to state in your Will, prepare your Will in accordance with your wishes and the law and ensure that your Will is properly signed so that it is valid.

Estate Planning

Many people need more than a simple Will. Doray Legal has prepared estate plans for individuals. We’ll ensure your assets are protected from potential claims in the future and that taxes and fees are minimised.

Administration of Deceased Estates

Losing a loved one is a tragic and stressful time that can be even harder if you are the executor of an estate. No doubt, there will be tasks you are not familiar with or do not have the time to complete. Doray Legal assists executors and individuals in dealing with deceased estates, e.g. applying for Letters of Administration of an estate where there is no Will, applying for Probate of a Will, interpreting the Will, contesting a Will, resolving disputes over a Will through negotiations or Court proceedings and dealing with inheritance claims through negotiations or Court proceedings.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Not everyone sees out their days being able to take care of themselves. By doing an Enduring Power of Attorney, you can give someone you trust the authority to make financial decisions on your behalf when you are no longer capable of handling your own financial affairs.

Doray Legal have years of experience in preparing Enduring Power of Attorney for clients.  We’ll listen to your wishes, guide you on what to state in your Enduring Power of Attorney, prepare your Enduring Power of Attorney in accordance with your wishes and the law and ensure that your Enduring Power of Attorney is properly signed so that it is valid.

If you have any queries about making a Will, dealing with a deceased estate or preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney, call Doray Legal on (08) 9364 2588.