Consent Orders

Looking for assistance with obtaining Consent Orders to finalise an agreement reached?

Not everyone needs a lawyer to handle all aspects of their relationship breakdown. Some separated couples can reach agreement without any legal representation. They may have agreed on one or more of the following and need assistance with formalising the agreement through consent orders:

  • Arrangements for children
  • Property settlement, including superannuation splitting
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Adult child maintenance

What are Consent Orders?

Consent orders formalise an agreement to make it legally binding. The parties make an application to the Family Court essentially asking the Family Court to make orders in terms of the agreement they have reached.  The beauty of such an application is that the Court will deal with the application without requiring the parties to appear in Court.  If the Court is satisfied that the agreement is just and equitable (for property settlement matters) and in the best interests of the children (for arrangements for the children), the consent orders will be made.

Assisting with your Consent Orders

This can be the final step in a long and stressful process.  Unfortunately, applying for consent orders can also be time consuming and difficult. Sometimes, we are asked to assist in correcting mistakes in consent orders that have been made because the consent orders had previously been prepared without legal advice or assistance.  Such mistakes can be expensive to rectify. Some mistakes can’t be rectified and the parties will have to live with them.

Doray Legal can assist to:
  • Explain to you your legal rights and responsibilities around consent orders
  • Review and amend drafted consent orders or prepare consent orders, to avoid ambiguities or mistakes
  • Prepare the application for consent orders or review and amend the application for consent orders 
  • Gain the other party’s agreement to the application for consent orders and the drafted consent orders
  • Lodge the application for a consent orders with the Family Court
  • Rectify mistakes in consent orders that have been made

If you have any questions about consent orders, call Doray Legal on (08) 9364 2588 or contact us for a consultation and enquire about our reduced fee for your first consultation.