Arrangements for Children 

Doray Legal can assist you in resolving any dispute you may have with your spouse or partner in relation to your child or children, through negotiations or Court action.

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Married and de facto couples (including same sex couples) can apply to the Family Court for assistance in resolving their disputes on matters concerning their children such as:

  • the role each parent can play in relation to the making of decisions with respect to the children’s health, schooling, religion, sports and extra-curricular activities;
  • whether and, if so, how the children are to live with both parents in an equal shared residence regime;
  • whether the children are to live with one parent primarily and, if so, when the other parent can spend time with the children;
  • when the children are to spend time with each parent during school term, school holidays and on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, the children’s birthdays, the parents’ birthdays;
  • how and when a parent can communicate with the children by telephone, Skype or other means;
  • whether a child can relocate with one parent within the state, interstate or overseas;
  • where and how handover can occur;
  • whether passports can be issued for the children;
  • whether a parent should be restrained from taking the children overseas or interstate or within the state, whether on a holiday or for any other reason;
  • whether a parent poses a risk to the children and, if so, what restraints or terms are to be imposed in relation to that parent’s time or contact with the children;
  • seeking the return of children from overseas under the Hague Convention;
  • parentage of a child;
  • whether a child’s name or surname can be changed.

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