Application for Consent Orders

Doray Legal can provide assistance in preparing or reviewing an application for consent orders.

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Separated parties are often able to negotiate an agreement in relation to financial issues or arrangements for the children, either by themselves or with the assistance of lawyers. 

When parties reach an agreement, it is appropriate to formalise the agreement so as to create certainty and finality and to avoid or minimise any dispute in the future. 

The preferred way of formalising any agreement reached is to file an application for consent orders at the Family Court.  The application for consent orders is completed and signed by both parties and essentially requests the Family Court to make orders in terms of the agreement reached.  With the lodgement of the application for consent orders at the Family Court, neither party will need to appear in the Family Court as the Court will deal with the application in the parties’ absence.

Completing the application for consent orders and preparing the draft consent orders to be made can be a complicated and tedious process.  It is also important to draft the consent orders properly to ensure that there is no ambiguity.  For these reasons, Doray Legal frequently assists its clients in preparing or reviewing applications for consent orders.

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